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reddot design award - winner 2012 - SURFACE YEARBOOK 2012


reddot design award - winner 2011 - SURFACE ART BOOK JUPP GAUCHEL RHYTHM & GREENS


Gerd Ohlhauser
Photo: Nicole Altmann, Rehau

After 18 years of working with and on surfaces, I launched the SURFACE BOOK publishing company in 2008. Our books aim to make the surface accessible as a sensuous phenomenon while interpreting it from a design perspective. This seems to me all the more called for, since the talk in today’s design world is more than ever all about material, when what is really meant is its surface aesthetics. The paradigm shift from material to surface is well under way.

My key publication is THE INTERNATIONAL SURFACE YEARBOOK, a bilingual (German/English) compilation published on an annual basis with the intention of illustrating, accompanying and promoting the paradigm shift from material to surface and the dematerialisation to be observed across broad sectors.

We also publish, in the same large format 23 x 30.2 cm, SURFACE BOOKS on related topics in architecture, design, business and society and SURFACE ART BOOKS, focussing on the art of the surface. The EDITION SURFACE photo books in the flipbook format 14.3 x 12 cm round off the programme with striking and sensuous surfaces.

Other series, themes and services, such as the EDITION DARMSTADT*,  are described in our programme overview.

Gerd Ohlhauser, Darmstadt 2012

*KULTURFÖRDERUNG VON UNTEN  In light of the dismal state of publicly sponsored culture (FAZ newspaper: “Culture without Money”), Surface Book is organising culture sponsorship from the bottom-end up with its Edition Darmstadt. Flipbooks containing approx. 300 pages on various cultural assets in Darmstadt that are equally unknown and so far overlooked aim to increase their perception and popularity, thereby helping to promote Darmstadt’s cultural variety, wealth of attractions, appeal and familiarity. You, too, can support this non-profit project by becoming a co-editor named in the book when you subscribe to EDITION DARMSTADT.


Aus: Gert Selle, Im Haus der Dinge, Oktober 2015:

"Anmerkung des Verlegers

Mit der Drucklegung dieses Buches habe ich Verlag und Geschäftsführung von SURFACE an Peter Wesner, Verleger des Designmagazins form, ubergeben. Ich bedanke mich beim Team der form für die engagierte Unterstützung beim Abschluss des Buches und freue mich auf zukünftige Zusammenarbeit.

Gerd Ohlhauser"